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Adderall: Additional Information You Need to Know


How should you take Adderall?

5mg  Adderall dosageYou should never take more of this medication than your doctor has prescribed. Also, you should never take it for a longer period of time or for any other purpose besides what it has been prescribed for. You should take your first dosage upon awakening in the morning. Additional Adderall dosages should be taken at intervals of usually between 4 to 6 hours. You should avoid taking late evening dosages which may possibly interfere with sleep.


If you miss your Adderall dosage:

If you're taking Adderall of one dose a day and at least six hours are remaining before bedtime you should take your dose as soon as you remember it. If you don't remember until the next day, you need to skip your earlier dosage and go back to your regular schedule. You should never take a double dosage of Adderall. If you're taking more than one dose a day, and you remember within an hour of your regular scheduled time, you should take the missed dose immediately. Otherwise, go back to your regular schedule, never taking more than one dosage at a time.

Storage instructions for Adderall:

You should always store this medication at room temperature in a tight, light resistant container.

Some special warnings about Adderall:

You should always take Adderall with caution if you have even a mild case of high blood pressure. Also, you should always be careful when operating machinery or driving until you are absolutely sure of how this medication will affect you. It could possibly impair your coordination and judgment.

Adderall can possibly cause twitches and tics. If you or a family member has a condition called Tourette’s syndrome, you should make sure your doctor is aware of this prior to taking this medication.

If your condition is Attention Deficit Disorder, the doctor will make an evaluation and take a complete history before prescribing Adderall. He/she will gather specific information related to the severity of symptoms and the age of your child when symptoms began to occur. If the problem is temporary, or is a reaction to a stressful situation, Adderall will probably not be prescribed.

At the present time, there's been no experience with long-term Adderall therapy in children. However, many other amphetamine-based medications have been known to stunt growth and your doctor will probably need to watch your child carefully to make sure that that this does not become a concern for you and your child.


Information Adapted from The PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs

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