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Latest Mental Health News: Miscellaneous Articles



Come see the archives of the latest mental health news at as news is regularly updated and researched in the United States and around the world.  Information and news from a multitude of credible mental health news sources is now at your disposal.


Latest Mental Health News and Research:

Simulation Shows the High Cost of Dementia, Especially for Families A new simulation of the dementia epidemic estimates the economic impact the disease has on households and public insurance programs and provides a tool for projecting the impact that different ...(ScienceDaily)

New Data Mining Strategy Spots Those at High Risk of Alzheimer's     The push to develop treatments for Alzheimer's disease has yielded a greater understanding of the disease, but has failed to generate successful new drugs. To blame are the many undefined subtypes of …(July 28, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Sleep Problems May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's     July 5, 2017 Poor sleep may be a sign that people who are otherwise healthy may be more at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later in life than people who do not have sleep problems, according to a study...(ScienceDaily)

Nonprescription Use of Ritalin Linked to Adverse Side Effects, Study Finds      New research has explored the potential side effects of the stimulant drug Ritalin on those without ADHD showed changes in brain chemistry associated with risk-taking behavior, sleep disruption and ...(March 15, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Researchers Create a Roadmap of Bipolar Disorder and How It Affects the Brain      In the largest MRI study on patients with bipolar disorder, a global consortium published new research showing that people ...(May 2, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Researchers Create a Roadmap of Bipolar Disorder and How It Affects the Brain      In the largest MRI study on patients with bipolar disorder, a global consortium published new research showing that people ...(May 2, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Mindfulness Just as Effective as CBT for a Broad Range of Psychiatric Symptoms     Mindfulness group therapy has an equally positive effect as individual CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for the treatment of a wide range of ...(April 18, 2017, ScienceDaily)

People Often Use the Word 'You' Rather Than 'I' to Cope With Negative Experiences     Researchers say it may seem contradictory that a means of generalizing to people at large is used when reflecting on one's ...(Mar. 23, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Mathematical Modeling Predicts Student Success, Dropout Rates     A researcher has used mathematical modeling to demonstrate that negative peer pressures can spread in a high-risk setting, influencing students' decisions to drop out of ...(Mar. 14, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Aggression Disorder Linked to Greater Risk of Substance Abuse     People with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) -- a condition marked by frequent physical or verbal outbursts -- are at five times greater risk for abusing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and…(Feb. 28, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Teach Yourself Everyday Happiness With Imagery Training     Researchers have found that self-guided positive imagery training can successfully combat negative emotions in our daily lives. This tool is so powerful that it also changes the way our brain ...(Feb. 24, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Do You Really Get Paid Less If You're 'Ugly'?    Do beautiful people earn more while those who are not so gorgeous are paid less? It's not as simple as that, according to new research. People's salaries are influenced by more than just physical ... (Feb. 16, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Study Affirms That Cocaine Makes Users More Likely to Risk Unsafe Sex  Cocaine use has long been tied anecdotally to higher-than-usual rates of impulsive behavior, including risky sex, but the tie-in has been difficult to study with any scientifically controlled ...(Feb. 2, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Stop Smoking Services May Boost Mental Health of People With Depression     Smokers with depression who successfully quit smoking using stop smoking services may see an improvement in their mental health, according to new ...(Jan. 20, 2017, SciwnceDaily)

Counseling, Antidepressants Change Personality (for the Better), Team Reports       A review of 207 studies involving more than 20,000 people found that those who engaged in therapeutic interventions were, on average, significantly…(Jan. 6, 2017, ScienceDaily)

Attempted Suicide Rates, Risk Groups Essentially Unchanged, New Study Shows      Researchers have analyzed over 3 million suicide attempt-related emergency department visits between 2006 and 2013, and have concluded that attempted suicides and risk groups basically did not change ...(Dec 1, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Creative Activities Promote Day-to-Day Wellbeing     Everyday creative activity may lead to an "upward spiral" of increased wellbeing and creativity in young adults, new research suggests. In their study, researchers asked 658 university students to ... (Nov 23, 2016, ScienceDaily)

New Insight Into How Alzheimer's Disease Begins     A new study offers important insight into how Alzheimer’s disease begins within the brain. The researchers found a relationship between inflammation, a toxic protein and the onset of the disease. ... (Nov. 18, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Is a Marker of Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Associated With Loneliness?    A new article used data from a study of 79 cognitively normal adults to examine whether cortical amyloid levels in the brain, a marker of preclinical Alzheimer disease, was associated with ...(Nov 2, 2016, ScienceDaily)

A Metabolic Switch to Turn Off Obesity     As science advances, evidence shows that weight management does indeed take place inside the head, but that it is not necessarily a question of lack of will. The ABHD6 enzyme in certain brain neurons ... (Oct. 25, 2016, ScienceDaily)

New Strategy to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease     Taking a pill that prevents the accumulation of toxic molecules in the brain might someday help prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease, according…(Oct. 22, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Changes in Depression Symptoms Tied to Lung Cancer Survival       Worsening depression symptoms are associated with shorter survival for lung cancer patients, particularly those in the early stages of disease, according to a new ..(Oct. 13, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Peer Victimization in Schools: Two Studies Explore Types, Repercussions     As many as 75% of children and adolescents report experiencing some sort of peer victimization, researchers estimate, with 10 to 15% experiencing more severe and prolonged victimization. Two new ...(Oct. 6,2016, ScienceDaily)

Care Home Dementia Study Finds Failure to Reduce Antipsychotic Prescribing      There has been no sustained reduction in the prescription of antipsychotics to UK dementia patients, despite government guidance, according to a ... (Sep. 20,2016, ScienceDaily)

Sleep Is Key to Curing Chronic Pain      A ink between chronic pain and lack of sleep has been identified by a team of researchers. They also discovered that people with pain who believe they won't be able to sleep are more likely to suffer ...(Sept. 21, 2016, ScienceDaily)

E-Cigarette Use Linked to Successful Attempts to Quit Smoking     Growth in the use of e-cigarettes in England has been associated with a higher rate of successful attempts to quit smoking, a new study ...(Sept. 16, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Researchers Outline Barriers to Treating Fear, Anxiety     A misunderstanding of how the certain parts of the brain function has hampered the creation of pharmaceuticals to effectively address fear and anxiety disorders, a pair of researchers has…(Sept. 9, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Bipolar Adolescents Continue to Have Elevated Substance Use Disorder Risk as Young Adults    A follow up to a previous study finding an association between adolescent bipolar disorder and the incidence of cigarette smoking and substance use ...(Aug. 30,2016, ScienceDaily)  

Depressed Moms Not ‘in Sync’ With Their Children     Mothers with a history of depression are not physiologically "in sync" with their kids, according to a new study. While researchers have known for a while that depression is associated with…(May 5, 2016, ScienceDaily)  

Significant Number of Young People With Undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder      Around 10 percent of UK primary care patients prescribed antidepressants for depression or anxiety have undiagnosed bipolar disorder, a study has…(Jan. 29, 2016, ScienceDaily)   

How Does My Therapist Rate?   Software developed to rate therapists on empathy using automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and machine ...(Dec. 2, 2015, ScienceDaily)

Is Your Boss a Tyrant? An Unhappy Home Life May Be to Blame    When supervisors are verbally abusive to their subordinates, it harms not only the employees, but the organization as a whole, says a researcher, whose study reveals it’s often factors outside of….(Nov. 11, 2015,  ScienceDaily)

Proof That 85 Percent of Depression Treatment Apps Accredited by NHS Actually Work     There is no proof that 85 percent of the depression apps currently recommended by the NHS for patients to manage their condition actually work, say ...(Oct. 13, 2015, ScienceDaily)

 No Proof That 85 Percent of Depression Treatment Apps Accredited by NHS Actually Work   There is no proof that 85 percent of the depression apps currently recommended by the NHS for patients to manage their condition actually work, say ...(Oct. 13, 2015, ScienceDaily)


Confidence in Parenting Could Help Break Cycle of Abuse     To understand how confidence in parenting may predict parenting behaviors in women who were abused as children, psychologists have found that mothers who experienced more types of maltreatment as ..(ScienceDaily, Aug. 29, 2015)

ADHD Plus Childhood Trauma Heightens Risk for Self-Harm, Suicide      Young women with ADHD who have been exposed to abuse, neglect or other traumas in childhood and adolescence are at greater risk for self-injury, eating disorders and suicide than those with ADHD who….(Mar 3, 2015, ScienceDaily)   

Latest Depression News and Research

Teens Increasingly Sleep Deprived     A new study found that female students, racial/ethnic minorities, and students of lower socioeconomic status are less likely to report regularly getting seven or more hours of sleep each night ...(Feb 16, 2015, ScienceDaily)      

Settling for 'Mr. Right Now' Better Than Waiting for 'Mr. Right', Shows Model of Digital Organisms Evolutionary researchers have determined that settling for 'Mr. Okay' is a better evolutionary strategy than waiting for 'Mr. Perfect.' When studying the evolution of risk. (Feb 6,2015, ScienceDaily) 

Benefits of E-Cigarettes Outweigh Harms, Current Evidence Suggests       A major scientific review of available research on the use, content, and safety of e-cigarettes has concluded that -- although long-term health effects of e-cigarette use are unknown -- compared with ...(July 30, 2014, ScienceDaily)

Many Mental Illnesses Reduce Life Expectancy More Than Heavy Smoking     Serious mental illnesses reduce life expectancy by 10-20 years, an analysis by psychiatrists has shown -- a loss of years that's equivalent to or worse than that for heavy smoking. Yet mental ... (May 23, 2014, ScienceDaily)  

E-Cigarettes: No Smoke, No Danger?     Smokers turn to e-cigarettes to ease nicotine withdrawal, or to avoid harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. But many use e-cigarettes in public spaces and regular cigarettes everywhere else. Quitting ...(Apr 2, 2014, ScienceDaily)

Mindfulness-Based Meditation Helps Teenagers With Cancer     Mindfulness-based meditation could lessen some symptoms associated with cancer in teens, according to the results of a clinical trial intervention. Mindfulness-based meditation focuses on the present ..(Mar  13, 2014, ScienceDaily) 

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