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Come see the archives of the latest mental health news at as news is regularly updated and researched in the United States and around the world.  Information and news from a multitude of credible mental health news sources is now at your disposal.


Latest Mental Health News and Research:

Latest Depression News and Research

Latest Bipolar Mental Health News

Loneliness Is a Major Health Risk for Older Adults     Feeling extreme loneliness can increase an older person's chances of premature death by 14 percent, according to new research. The research shows that the impact of loneliness on premature death ...(Feb 16, 2014, ScienceDaily)    

The Fatality Rate Among Heroin, Cocaine Users 14 Times Higher Than for the General Population      A new study analyses the risk factors and excess mortality among heroin and cocaine consumers admitted to treatment in Spain. The results reveal that the fatality rate among consumers of both drugs ..(Feb 7, 2014 ScienceDaily) 

Where Alzheimer's Starts and How It Spreads    Using high-resolution fMRI imaging in patients with Alzheimer's disease and in mouse models of the disease, researchers have clarified three fundamental issues ...(Dec 22, 2013, ScienceDaily)

 You Want Fries With That? Don't Go There      A new neuroimaging study suggests chronic dieters overeat when the regions of their brain that balance impulsive behavior and self-control become disrupted, decreasing their capacity to resist ... (Nov 11, 2013, ScienceDaily)  

Surviving -- Then Thriving      Modern medicine usually considers trauma -- both the physical and the psychological kinds -- as unequivocally damaging. Now researchers are lending support to a more philosophical view of suffering, ...(Oct 29, 2013, ScienceDaily)

Psychologists Report New Insights on Human Brain, Consciousness     A study by psychologists is a step toward neuroscience research on consciousness. "The difference between being conscious and unconscious is a bit like the difference between driving from Los Angeles ... (Oct 17, 2013, ScienceDaily)       

Kissing Helps Us Find the Right Partner – And Keep Them     What's in a kiss? A new study suggests kissing helps us size up potential partners and, once in a relationship, may be a way of getting a partner to ...(Oct 10, 2013, ScienceDaily)

The Order of Words: Understanding Differences in How Children and Adults Learn      There are words that convey a meaning, like verbs, nouns or adjectives, and others, like articles or conjunctions that sustain them, providing a structure for the sentence. A few years ago some .. (Oct 3, 2013, ScienceDaily).  

Diet During Pregnancy and Early Life May Affect Children's Behavior and Intelligence       The statement "you are what you eat" is significant for the development of optimum mental performance in children as evidence is accumulating to show that nutrition pre-birth and in early life ... (September 13, 2013, ScienceDaily)

Pornography Reinforces Sexist Attitudes Among a Subgroup of Heterosexuals        Pornography has long held a controversial place in society, and its relationship with a number of behaviors and attitudes has been highly debated. But the concern remains: How does viewing…(Sept 6, 2013, ScienceDaily)

Despite NFL Settlement, Still No Proof Football Causes Alzheimer's or CTE     Despite the NFL’s $765 million settlement with retired players, there still is no credible scientific evidence that playing football causes Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological ... (Aug 30, 2013, ScienceDaily) 

LSD and Other Psychedelics Not Linked With Mental Health Problems    The use of LSD, magic mushrooms, or peyote does not increase a person’s risk of developing mental health ... (Aug 19, 2013, ScienceDaily) 

Brains Can (Unconsciously) Save Us from Temptation      Inhibitory self control -- not picking up a cigarette, not having a second drink, not spending when we should be saving -- can operate without our awareness or ...(Aug 8, 2013, ScienceDaily)

Exercise May Be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer's Disease     Regular, moderate exercise could improve memory and cognitive function in those at risk for Alzheimer's disease in a way no drug can. Scientists studied the effects of exercise on a group of older ... (July 30, 2013 ScienceDaily) 

Sexual Addiction the Real Deal?   Controversy exists over whether what some mental health experts call hypersexuality, or sexual addiction, is a mental disorder at all. Now researchers have measured how the brain responded in people ...(July 19, 2013 ScienceDaily)

People Gambling Less During the Economic Crisis      It is often said that more gambling (including playing the lottery) takes place during economic crises, but a new study indicates that the opposite is true: in the last year, people have decreased ...(July 8, 2013, ScienceDaily

Age Affects How Married Couples Handle Conflict      Arguing with your spouse about where to go on vacation or how to handle the kids? As you age, you may be more likely to handle such disagreements by changing the subject, according to new research. ...(Jul 1, 2013, ScienceDaily) 

Sleep Deprivation in Teens Linked to Poor Dietary Choices     Well-rested teenagers tend to make more healthful food choices than their sleep-deprived peers, according to a new study. The finding may be key to understanding the link between sleep and ...(Jun 20, 2013 ScienceDaily)

Brain Circuits Link Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior and Obesity     A new study suggests that the brain circuits that control obsessive-compulsive behavior are intertwined with circuits that control food intake and body ...(Jun 10, 2013 ScienceDaily)

Practice Makes Perfect? Not So Much, New Research Finds   Turns out, that old "practice makes perfect" adage may be overblown. New research finds that a copious amount of practice is not enough to explain why…(May 20, 2013, ScienceDaily)  

Future Hospitalization and Increased Health Service Use May Be Linked to Insomnia      New study finds insomnia may be an important indicator of future hospitalization among middle-aged and older ...(May 10, 2013, ScienceDaily)

Social Stress and the Inflamed Brain     Depression is the leading cause of disability with more than 350 million people globally affected by this disease. In addition to debilitating consequences on mental health, depression predisposes an ... (April 21, 2013, ScienceDaily) 

Impact of Portion Size on Overeating Is Hard to Overcome    People given large servings of food eat more than those given smaller servings, even after they have been taught about the impact of portion size on consumption, research shows. Learning how to ...(SciencDaily, April 16, 2013

Light Drinking in Pregnancy Not Linked to Development Problems in Childhood, Study Suggests     Light drinking during pregnancy is not linked to adverse behavioural or cognitive outcomes in childhood, suggests a new…(ScienceDaily, April 16, 2013)

How Stepdads Can Avoid Missteps    A new study found three factors that contribute to feelings of closeness in stepfamilies: the couple keeps arguments to a minimum; mothers help children feel comfortable sharing their frustrations ... (April 8, 2013, ScienceDaily)

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