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Addiction Recovery Ė The Key To Abstinence

Author: David Roppo

addiction recoveryWhy is it that some people fall into the addiction trap, yet others partake in substances and compulsions moderately?

Well, first letís take a look at the addiction equation. The root cause of addiction is the
emotional trauma
caused by family dysfunction. The reason for choosing habitual behavior to mask that pain is a low level of coping skills. So, it would only stand to reason that the key to abstinence would be a higher level of coping skills. But, what exactly does it mean to possess a higher level of coping skills and how can you accomplish it?

Well, to increase your level of coping skills means to increase your self-esteem. When you have a high regard for yourself and you love yourself addictive behavior becomes repulsive. But, how can you increase your self-esteem?

First and foremost, you must learn to forgive yourself. Most people suffering from addiction find it very difficult to forgive themselves since they bare a burden of shame and guilt not only from their family dysfunction, but also from the pain their behavior has caused others. However, you can forgive yourself and you can learn to love yourself by curing wounditis. You have a choice! You can either continue to feel victimized or you can take a stand and refuse to self-incriminate yourself. You see, you have the same power as everyone else! You are no different! We are all but a grain of sand in the desert of humanity. We are all the same and we are all connected. 


Unfortunately, the majority of group recovery programs including the 12-step program are counterproductive to increasing self-esteem. The original Alcoholics Anonymous model requires one to admit that they are powerless over their addiction and to self-incriminate themselves by affirming their defects of character! This misguided and outdated approach makes it nearly impossible for anyone challenged by addiction to forgive themselves or to increase their self-esteem, which is a vital component to addiction freedom. My experience has taught me that admitting you are powerless does not promote empowerment and nor does it increase self-esteem.

So, you do have the power to increase your self-esteem. But, self-esteem is not a commodity that you purchase, or a fruit that is plucked from a tree. Possessing self-esteem and merit for ones self is a product of self-love. To love yourself you must first forgive yourself, and second, you must embark on an inward journey to awaken your true authentic self and your own personal power. This is not only the key to abstinence, but it is also a bullet proof shield against the guns of addiction! To accomplish self-love and an increased level of self-esteem you must first liberate yourself from the dysfunction that caused your emotional pain
. In many ways, this requires speaking ones will since it is not likely that you will achieve self-love if you donít acquire your own self-respect!

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