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Dealing With Anger


Learning to Deal With Your Anger- Anger Management Tips  

Tips for Keeping Your Cool




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Learning How to Deal With Your Anger - Anger Management Tips

anger management tipsDo you ever feel like hitting someone when you are angry? Do you often scream at your colleagues? Do fights at home usually turn ugly? Is being irritable your second nature? Do you often feel depressed and resentful towards life? If the answer is yes, you need to calm down and learn how to manage your anger.

Anger and its side effects

Getting angry once in a while is normal, but the emotion can turn toxic if it becomes a way of life. Jealousy, resentment, frustration are all forms of anger and each one of them has the potential to wreck havoc in our lives. It's a well known fact that prolonged anger causes severe physical and mental problems-blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, depression and even heart attacks, yet we seem to forget it every time we fly off into a rage. Anger is an emotion that arises in us because of certain external factors, it could be a traffic jam, someone's inefficiency or lack of understanding, yet we forget that by getting angry we are not punishing the subject of our anger but harming ourselves. If we think logically, why would we want to punish ourselves for something we haven't done? Unfortunately logic and rationality are first victims of uncontrolled anger.


How to Deal with Anger

If you have reached the realization that anger management is an issue you need to deal with, the following tips might be of help:

* Find a pillow and hit it for as long as you want. This will help you let out some steam. Once you are a little calmer, remember how being angry affects you and how the only person you are harming with this anger is yourself. With time you'll observe that following this routine will help you control your anger.

*Sit by yourself, take a deep breath and then exhale loudly. Do it repeatedly and tell yourself that you are exhaling your anger. It can have a calming affect on you, if you do it persistently.

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Finally, always remember that only person you harm by getting angry is yourself. So give yourself the gift of a happy and healthy life by learning how to manage your anger.

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