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Aplenzin: Medication for Major Depression?


Aplenzin: What is it used for?

DepressionAplenzin is a medication that is usually used to treat adults who have major depression. Aplenzin and all other antidepressants may possibly increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior among teenagers and younger children. All individuals who begin treatment with this antidepressant as well as others should be monitored closely for changes in moods or behaviors, especially when beginning therapy or when dosages are increased or decreased. You should contact your doctor immediately if you notice new symptoms developing or that your current symptoms get worse. Some of the signs that you may need to be especially attentive to and/or be concerned about are restlessness, insomnia, impulsive or dangerous behavior, hostility or thoughts about suicide or dying.


You should not take this medication if you are currently taking medications known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIís). Taking Aplenzin while also taking MAOI's may cause serious reactions or even death. Most doctors ask you to stop taking MAOIís for at least 14 days before beginning Aplenzin. Also, doctors usually recommend that you wait seven days after stopping Aplenzin before you start taking an MAOI.

What does my doctor need to know before I begin taking Aplenzin?

Before you begin treatment with Aplenzin, you should tell your doctor about all prescription, over-the-counter and herbal medications that you are currently taking. You should also tell your doctor about any medical conditions that you have, especially if you have a history of liver or kidney problems, head injuries, eating disorders, seizure disorders or a history of tumor in the spine or nervous system. You should also let your doctor know if you've ever had a heart attack, heart problems, high blood pressure or if you are diabetic and if you're currently taking any medications to control blood sugars such as insulin.

Should I avoid anything else when taking Aplenzin?

You should not drink  a lot of alcohol when taking Aplenzin. If you have been drinking significant amounts of alcohol over a period of time you should probably talk your doctor about it before stopping suddenly. You should never drive a car, operate heavy machinery or do any other hazardous activity until you are absolutely sure of how Aplenzin affects you.

What if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

If you're pregnant or breast-feeding you should probably avoid taking Aplenzin. Consult with your doctor before tanking this medication if you  are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or are currently breast-feeding your child.

Information Adapted from  The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs - 9th Edition

Medication pictures by Permission of Drugs.Com

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Additional information By Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist 


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