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 Brain Exercise for Your Most Perfect Memory 


Brain exercise is important in order for your brain to stay healthy and strong.  There are many activities in your daily life that will keep you mentally fit and will act as an effective brain exercise regardless of your age.  Four areas of brain exercise that will contribute to your overall mental fitness are language and numerical skills, reasoning and creativity. 

Brain exercise and language skills: 

Do you stick with familiar words or do you try to add new words to your vocabulary?  Increasing your vocabulary is one of the simplest and most effective brain exercises available. It will make you mentally alert and is something others will recognize as a sign of intelligence.  If you get into the habit of looking up the meaning of new or unusual words, you'll soon become more precise in your language skills.  Some of the following brain exercises will improve your brain as well as your language skills. 

Treat yourself to a really good dictionary.  You might want to find one that gives the derivation of words as well as their current meanings, as it will show you where the original meaning comes from. 


Check the meaning of words that you think you know. The meaning may surprise you.  As well as keeping your brain working in top form, the proper choice of words will also obviously improve your abilities as a communicator. 

Perhaps the most important form of brain exercise may be reading books.  You should read books by a variety of literary authors, possibly from earlier periods of time, as this will gradually instill an intuitive sense of good grammar. 

Numerical skills and brain exercise: 

Do you believe arithmetic is something you left in the past?  With most people now having calculators, they rarely challenge their minds with mathematics.  However, using a paper and pencil or figuring out mathematics in your head is a great brain exercise. The following are some ways to use numerical skills to tune up your brain cells: 

When you go to the supermarket, keep a running total of the amount of purchases in your head.  You can round the amount up or down to simplify the process.  This will help you to budget as well as enhancing your mental processes. 

When traveling overseas you have a lot of opportunities to use arithmetic for brain exercise.  One of the most important ways is to figure out quick and easy ways to estimate currency conversions.  

Even things such as paying tips at restaurants can be great as a form of brain exercise if you learn to figure them out in your head. 

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Information from Making The Most of Your Brain by The Reader's Digest.

Additional information by Paul Susic Ph.D Licensed Psychologist (Health Psychology) 

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