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The Cause of Male Impotence: Facts and Fiction


The cause of male impotence:

The cause of male impotence has been severely misunderstood by both physicians and the public since the dawn of time. A realistic understanding of the cause of male impotence usually results in the restoration of sexual functioning in approximately 80% to 90% of cases of chronic sexual dysfunction. Not many are aware that there is usually an organic basis to impotence, with a minority of circumstances in which the cause of male impotence is associated with psychological difficulties such as stress and depression.

Since an erection requires a relatively precise sequence of events to occur, damage or disruption of any of these events may be the cause of male impotence. The sequence involves nerve impulses to the brain, spinal column, the area around the penis, the response of muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries in and near the corpora cavernosa. Damage to the nerves, arteries, smooth muscles and fibrous tissues often as a result of disease are usually the most common impotence causes. Diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, atherosclerosis, vascular disease and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, are the cause of male impotence in nearly 70 % of cases of erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, the biggest majority of organic impotence causes may be remedied through the use of medications such as Viagra and some of the natural alternatives to Viagra, as well as other impotence treatments.

Many common medicines such as those used for high blood pressure, antidepressants, antihistamines, tranquililizers, appetites suppressants and various other prescription and over-the- counter medications may also be a cause of male impotence.

Although psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and the fear of sexual failure are considered to be the cause of male impotence in approximately 10% to 20% of cases , men also experience these same symptoms when the cause is believed to be physical, resulting in difficulty determining which is primary, the physical or the psychological problems.

However, psychological impotence is an all too common reality which is frequently treated effectively with Viagra and other alternative treatments.

Finally, two other infamous impotence causes are smoking which affects the blood flow in veins and arteries, and hormonal abnormalities such as low levels of testosterone. It is obviously advisable to quit smoking for both sexual and general health, and fortunately medical science continues to research treatments which will someday assist in producing higher levels of testosterone, naturally increasing both sexual desire and performance .

Information and webpage by Paul Susic  Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist  (Health and Geriatric Psychologist)

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