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DSM-IV Diagnoses and Codes
Beginning With "C": In Alphabetical Order
DSM-IV Diagnosis and Codes beginning with "C" in Alphabetical Order:
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305.9 Caffeine Intoxication
292.89 Caffeine-Induced Anxiety Disorder
292.89 Caffeine-Induced Sleep Disorder
292.9 Caffeine-Related Disorder NOS
305.2 Cannabis Abuse
304.3 Cannabis Dependence
292.89 Cannabis Intoxication
292.81 Cannabis Intoxication Delirium
292.89 Cannabis-Induced Anxiety Disorder
292.11 Cannabis-Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Delusions
292.12 Cannabis-Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Hallucinations
292.9 Cannabis-Related Disorder NOS
293.89 Catatonic Disorder Due to...[Indicate the General Medical Condition]
V71.02 Child or Adolescent Antisocial Behavior
299.1 Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
307.22 Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder
307.45 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder
305.6 Cocaine Abuse
304.2 Cocaine Dependence
292.89 Cocaine Intoxication
292.81 Cocaine Intoxication Delirium
292 Cocaine Withdrawal
292.89 Cocaine-Induced Anxiety Disorder
292.84 Cocaine-Induced Mood Disorder
292.11 Cocaine-Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Delusions
292.12 Cocaine-Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Hallucinations
292.89 Cocaine-Induced Sexual Dysfunction
292.89 Cocaine-Induced Sleep Disorder
292.9 Cocaine-Related Disorder NOS
294.9 Cognitive Disorder NOS
307.9 Communication Disorder NOS
312.82 Conduct Disorder, Adolescent Onset Type
312.81 Conduct Disorder, Childhood Onset Type
300.11 Conversion Disorder
301.13 Cyclothymic Disorder
DSM-IV Diagnosis and Codes: In Alphabetical Order and Popular Psychiatric Medications

Popular Psychiatric Medications

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