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DSM-IV Diagnoses and Codes "T" Through "V": In
Alphabetical Order-
DSM-IV Diagnosis and Codes "T" through "V" in Alphabetical Order:
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307.2 Tic Disorder NOS
307.23 Tourette's Disorder
307.21 Transient Tic Disorder
302.3 Transvestic Fetishism
312.39 Trichotillomania
300.82 Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder
300.9 Unspecified Mental Disorder (nonpsychotic)
306.51 Vaginismus (Not Due to a General Medical Condition)
290.4 Vascular Dementia, Uncomplicated
290.41 Vascular Dementia, With Delirium
290.42 Vascular Dementia, With Delusions
290.43 Vascular Dementia, With Depressed Mood
302.82 Voyeurism

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DSM-IV Diagnosis and Codes: In Alphabetical Order and Popular Psychiatric Medications

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