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Effexor side effects: What is likely to occur? 

What Effexor side effects may occur? 

effexor side effectsEffexor side effects cannot really be anticipated.  However, if any develop or change in intensity you should contact your physician immediately.  Only your doctor can really determine if itís safe to continue taking Effexor in spite of the Effexor side effects. 

Effexor side effects: The more common side effects include

Abnormal dreams, abnormal ejaculation or orgasms, anxiety, appetite loss, blurred vision, chills, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, frequent urination, flushing, gas, headache, impotence, infection, insomnia, muscle tension, nausea, nervousness, rash, sleepiness, sweating, tingling feeling, tremor, upset stomach, vomiting, weakness and yawning 


Effexor side effects: Less common side effects : 

Abnormal taste, abnormal thinking, agitation, chest pain, confusion, decreased sex drive, depression, dilated pupils, dizziness upon standing up, high blood pressure, itching, loss of identity, rapid heartbeat, ringing in the ears, trauma, twitching, urinary problems, weight loss 

There have also been a variety of very rare Effexor side effects which have been reported.  If you notice any new or usual problems, let your doctor know immediately. 

Effexor side effects: When should this medication not be prescribed? 

Serious Effexor side effects have been noted when taking this medication with other drugs known as MAO inhibitors.  Sometimes the reaction has been fatal.  You should also avoid this drug if it has ever giving you an allergic reaction or any other effexor side effect.

By Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist PhD Candidate 

effexor side effectsInformation provided by The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs - Sixth Edition

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