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Good Parenting Is A Learned Skill


Good parents have great potential to change the world in a positive way. In the craziness of everyday life such as work, family, health,  house payments, bills, etc. it can be challenge to be a great parent and do all that is required of you. Being a good parent is not something people are born with the instinct to do. It is a skill like any other that is learned and improves with experience. With life keeping us busy, we need to always be looking for ways to fine tune and improve our parenting skills.

Parenting is a Priority

If you are raising children then you need to make parenting the priority. Many parents think it is more important to be to be their children’s friend than it is to be their parent. Let me be very clear on this point. Your children will have friends. They NEED a parent. It is ok to be friends with your child but you must always know when the parent needs to be present.

Be a Role Model

Children learn by observing role models. You need to realize that YOU are their role model. You need to set good examples for your child. I always find it funny how some parent will lecture their kids on important issues like smoking and drugs while smoking right in front of their children. Sorry, the adages do as I say, not as I do just doesn’t cut it in parenting. Be the role model.


Children Need Boundaries

Children MUST have boundaries. They need to clearly understand what the boundaries are and what the consequences are if they cross those boundaries. If your child breaks a rule, they need a consequence for that action. The consequence needs to be appropriate for the situation and consistent. Lack of follow through or consistency in consequences is one of the most common and the biggest mistake many parents make. It is much easier to maintain control if you don’t give it away!

In two parent homes BOTH parents must follow the same rules of engagement. Children are smart! They will learn to exploit any inconsistencies between parents. In Single parent homes make sure that any other person who might interact with your children is on the same page as you and doesn’t counteract your rules.

This is a hard one folks. In serious cases, don’t confront them when you are angry. Once you “loose it” and start yelling, you’ve lost the battle. It is much better to send them to their room until you cool down. This will also give you time to think about what you will say before you address the issue. There was more than one occasion when I grounded one of my daughters to their room for the rest of their lives! Do you think they believed me?

Quality Family Time is Important

Make time for family time. Family dinner is one of the best places for talking about your day and growing your relationship with your child. Shut off the TV or radio and listen to what they have to say. Building open honest communication with your children is important. You want them to be able and willing to come to you when they have questions or are faced with challenges that could have a profound affect on their life IF they make the wrong decision. This trust and openness is built over time by having good communication.

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With our latest adoption, two girls aged 2 and 5; we will have been active parents of children under 18 years old for almost 30 years. The required training classes, many hours of support groups for foster care and adoption, and trial and error, we have learned a few constants that have helped us tremendously. For more on parenting, adoption, foster care and a closer look at our family please visit us at For My Kids World

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