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Which Marriage Issues Really Are Grounds For Divorce?

It is an interesting phenomenon that many people consider financial problems to be grounds for divorce, or at least a huge pressure on marriage. But when these same people are questioned about if they would leave their spouse because of financial issues I have never met any who would; they just think others would.


Of all the many couples who came to see me nobody came because they were having financial problems. Yes, they definitely had marriage issues, but the actual issues were never at the core of their problems.

There are only a few marriage issues I know of that should be considered grounds for divorce:

  1. Your spouse is physically abusive
  2. Your spouse refuses to correct a drug or alcohol problem that manifests dangerously
  3. Your spouse is a dangerous criminal
  4. Your spouse is incarcerated for a long period of time
  5. You have not seen or heard from your spouse because they left you

There are probably other marriage issues that would make it OK to consider divorce, but none others come to mind right now. As you can tell by my very short list I am opposed to divorce, but not for religious or moral reasons. I am opposed to divorce because it is almost completely unnecessary.

No one Would Give Up a Marriage if it was Happy and Fulfilling

When I realized how destructive divorce is to children, I began to study how to make marriages so good that no one would ever want to end them. I found that marriage is completely misunderstood, which is why the divorce rate is so staggeringly high.

I discovered three primary killers which are at the root of every other conceivable marriage issue. I discovered that when people understood these three killers and how they come about, marriage is safe. In my Lessons For A Happy Marriage, I teach people how to be married the same way a driving instructor teaches people how to drive a car; it is really that simple!

Learning how to be married is as simple as learning which way to turn the faucet when you want water to come out. Notwithstanding serious mental deficiencies like what you would find in drug addicts or other self-abusers, every marriage can be joyous and every family can be safe. I tell you that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to being married. I also tell you that when you know how to express intimacy in the safety of a marital life you will know what bliss means. You can learn to be drunk with love.

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About the Author:

I wrote Lessons For A Happy Marriage to help people save their troubled marriage and end the marriage crisis in our country; it's about saving children. Let's stop divorce. The problems go beyond the failures of marriage counselors. My life's mission is to eradicate the need for divorce through focused education. If you're married, tell your soul mate, "I love you."

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