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         Herbal Viagra: The Safer Alternative? 

Herbal Viagra:

Herbal Viagra products usually contain natural aphrodisiacs which have historically demonstrated their effectiveness in increasing sexual desire and improving sexual performance. Most forms of herbal Viagra are formulated based upon ancient herbal remedies, which recently have received some scientific support. Some, like the amino acid L-arginine have well-documented modes of action which continue to be confirmed in increasing volumes of research on herbal Viagra.

While prescription Viagra should only be received after medical examination and prescription, herbal Viagra does not usually require visits to a physician, are usually safer, are more readily available, and cheaper than prescription Viagra. Also, current estimates are that as many 42% of women suffer from decreased sex drive, many of which have been found to benefit from some type of herbal treatment.


Herbal Viagra products usually increase blood flow to all parts of the body, including the genitals and the brain. They also provide the body with different herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that have been researched and found to facilitate sexual functioning.

Herbal Viagra products have been found to:

Improve sexual desire and performance

Increase the level of enjoyment and intensity of orgasm

Increase the possibility of orgasm in women

Improve erectile capacity

Increase control of ejaculation

Increase frequency of sexual intercourse for men and women

Helps to overcome erectile dysfunction naturally

Herbal Viagras are not medications but are herbal supplements, which have been found to be a more natural and mild approach toward positive sexual health than prescription viagra. The active ingredients in many herbal products have been found to assist in achieving improved overall health, as well as to assist with your sexual functioning. In a nutshell, the natural alternatives to Viagra have been found by many (but not all) to work well, are safer and much less expensive than viagra. For many, it may be worthwhile to try at least try one of the natural options before getting a prescription for Viagra. One of the more popular herbal Viagra products is Eros by Herbal Healthline and another is Erectol with a very potent array of the "sex boosting" ingredients mentioned above.

By Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist  Ph.D  Candidate 

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