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Is Everyone Addicted?

Page #2

See Page #1 Is Everyone Addicted?


Addictions are a way to deal with our fast-paced, materialistic culture. To identify the problem, consider what you obsess on. Consider what you avoid.  

As we connect more with our soul and its profound messages, we slow down and reflect. We pause to consider what we are doing. Then we are freer to make different choices, which lead us out of addiction and into fulfilling more of our purpose. 

Every moment is new, and regardless of past patterns and disappointments, we start fresh today. Each day we draw to us what we focus on. If we focus on replacing an addiction with a healthy habit or a loving thought, that is what we will attract. 

Here are some affirmations that can help you become free of addictions and replace them with a sense of well-being. Try to place the affirmations in prominent areas where you can see them and include them as a part of your meditation or daily patterns, such as when you shower or drive to work.  


You can incorporate these sayings as part of EFT or energy work as well. Adapt these saying to fit your particular situation and add your own: 

“It’s becoming easier and easier to make good choices.”

“I forgive myself for my poor choices and now choose health and freedom.”

“I follow my spiritual path and embrace joy and love.”

The more we can step back and see where our life is taking us, the more we can redirect our energies when needed, and head in a direction that brings us more joy, love, and genuine freedom.

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