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How to Keep that Sex Drive Alive

 By: Istrate Andrei

keep that sex drive aliveCouples engaged in a long-term and committed relationship tend to reach a point when their desire for each other wanes. Oftentimes, their individual sex drive hits the rocks. The discrepancy on yours and your partner's sex drive is one reason why the relationship gets strained and why infidelity occurs.

So, how can you possibly renew that desire and keep it flowing for the sake of the relationship? Here's how:


1. Resolve marital conflicts head on. If you and your partner are constantly fighting about something, then your sex life would never be great - ever. To make things work out in bed, you have to make sure that things work out outside of the bed too. You spend more waking hours with your partner than you spend hours with him in the bedroom. So you have to make every minute pleasant. Unless you want things to go wary as you make love.

2. Sex education is important. Sex education should be a continued process. Discover new things about yourself and your partner. There are many ways you can learn about sex. There are books, magazines, videos, and a whole lot of other sources. If you and your partner can explore the unknown together, the whole experience is going to be new, refreshing, and exciting for both of you.

3. Address psychological issues. Psychological problems are common in a relationship. It may surface years after marriage or companionship. Your partner may not even know anything about it. What's important is that you talk about it and tell your partner that there are things that need to be resolved. Go to a psychiatric expert for help if you have to.

4. Assess your own sex drive. Honestly speaking, how much do you really desire your partner right now? Is it in the same level as you first met or made love? Or has it deteriorated ever since? If there's a change in your sex drive, you've got to work some in order to restore it. Make yourself interested in your husband or wife again. Do this by sharing special moments together. Rekindle that romance. Bring back that man or women you fell in love with five or ten years ago.

5. Passion, passion, passion in a relationship, passion is very important. Intimacy and passion go together. These two things are what bring forth that steamy love scene in the bedroom. This is exactly what you need to refuel that desire inside you. You need passion to make sex great again. Seek intimacy with your partner to regain that passion. A special dinner together is a start. You can also schedule a getaway vacation for just the two of you. Anything would bring you closer to each other without worries and inhibitions are what you need.

Follow these tips and your sex drive will be at is best once again. It doesn't really matter if the problem is your partner or the problem is in you. For as long as the two of you work it out, then there would never be anything to be concerned about. And that relationship you share could last until the end.

Article provided by LoveIsland

Article Source:

Webpage by Paul Susic  MA Licensed Psychologist   Ph.D. Candidate  (Health and Geriatric Psychologist)  

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