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Librium Dosage: How much is too much?


Librium dosage 5 mg. Librium dosage: How do you take this anti-anxiety medication?  

You should take your Librium dosage exactly as prescribed. 

If you miss a Librium dosage… 

You should take your Librium dosage as soon as you remember.  If it is within an hour or so of when you're scheduled to take your next dose, you should skip the missed dose and get back to your normal schedule as soon as possible.  You should never take two doses at the same time. 

Storage instructions… 

You should always store your medications away from heat, moisture and light. 

Recommended Librium dosages: 

Librium Dosages : Adults 

Mild or moderate anxiety- The usual Librium dosage is 5 - 10 mg, three or four times per day. 


Severe anxiety- The usual dose is 20 - 25 mg three or four times per day. 

Anxiety and apprehension before surgery- On days before surgery, the usual dosage is 5 - 10 mg three or four times per day. 

Acute symptoms of alcohol withdrawal- The usual starting Librium dosage is 50 – 100 mg. The physician will usually repeat this dose up to 300 mg per day, until the level of agitation has been adequately controlled.  The doctor may then reduce the dosage as much as possible. 

Librium dosage : Children

The usual Librium dosage for children six years of age or older is 5 mg, anywhere from two to four times per day.  Some children may need to take as much as 10 mg two or three times per day.  This medication is not usually recommended for children under the age of six. 

Librium Dosage : Older adults 

Your doctor will usually limit the doses to as small amount as possible in order to avoid sedating the individual too much, or negatively effecting their level of coordination.  For older adults, the usual Librium dosage is 5 mg two to four times per day 

Librium overdosage: 

Any medication taken in excess of the prescribed amount may have serious negative effects. If you suspect an overdosage of Librium you should seek medical attention immediately.  Some of the symptoms of overdosage include coma, confusion, sleepiness and slow reflexes.

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