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Agoraphobia Symptoms and Diagnostic Information


Agoraphobia symptoms and diagnostic information:

Information related to Agoraphobia Symptoms related to the associated diagnosis follow below. While some of these Agoraphobia symptoms may be recognized by family, teachers, legal and medical professionals,  and others, only  properly trained mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, professional counselors etc.) can or should even attempt to make a mental health diagnosis. Many additional factors are considered in addition to the Agoraphobia Symptoms in making proper diagnosis, including frequently medical and psychological testing considerations. This information on Agoraphobia Disorder symptoms are for information purposes only and should never replace the judgement and comprehensive assessment of a trained mental health clinician. 


Agoraphobia  without a history of Panic Disorder


Agoraphobia, like other phobias, is made up of extreme anxiety and fear. Different from other phobias, however, is the generalization which occurs. Agoraphobia is the anxiety about being in places where escape might be difficult or embarrassing or in which help may not be available should a panic attack develop. It can be sub diagnosed as either ‘with’ or ‘without’ panic disorder (see above). Typically situations that invoke anxiety are avoided and in extreme cases, the person may never or rarely leave their home.



Treatment may involve anxiety reduction techniques aimed at increasing the control a person feels over his or her anxiety and fears. Other approaches require the individual to work through their anxiety in relation to interpersonal or childhood issues.



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