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Overcoming Financial Anxiety - A Psychological and Spiritual View

By: Cory A. Mitchell 

This is a big topic, and it makes sense why. Much of the perceived world - the part we so often choose to focus on - revolves around money.

Financial Anxiety has probably affected every single one of us at some point in our life, or even may plague us constantly. Worrying about finances is a very stressful thing, and that stress, frustration, anger and resentment then filters into many other areas of our life. This effect creates a cycle of more stress, and of course nothing is solved by having these negative feelings.

Financial freedom/security comes from a belief system within ourselves. It is based on the positive or negative thoughts we continually feed ourselves about the world we live in and how that world will reciprocate our efforts. Often we are so afraid to lose what we currently have financially that we do not take opportunities that are all around us to progress our financial situation.


Not everyone wants to become rich. But even so we can improve our financial position (by way of having less anxiety attached our financial situation) in a sense by making the same amount of money and working less, or doing something we like instead of something we hate. But this goes back to beliefs...if we believe we need to work hard or that work should be actual WORK (as in sweating bullets and stressful) then that is exactly the work we will gravitate to.

Overcoming financial anxiety first comes in the form of a change in thinking. We need to look at the world as a place of opportunity and abundance, not scarcity. We need to realize that there is more than enough for everyone (even though our current societies have messed with this-but even that is based on a belief). If you feel guilty about making too much, then make it and give it to charity/those in need. Your generous acts will bring more to you, and more to you, and you will continually have more to give because your actions are showing that you see the world as a place of abundance.

After this initial change in thinking some opportunities need to be seized. People are making money (or have a lifestyle we like, but are not necessarily "rich") everywhere around us, yet many of us feel we have to come up with something new to succeed. There are stores making money, restaurant chains, salesmen, people learning to use the internet to make money, home based businesses and books everywhere that show us how to make more money. But, the key ingredient to making money from an idea or something that is seen, is ACTION. We can make money by mirroring the actions of those have achieved the lifestyle we intend for ourselves. This mirroring will require action, it will require change, and that change is made easier by the initial belief change that was already made.

After we have taken action and are making money to sustain a life we are happy with we then must sever our "wanting" desire for more and more. As long as we want more, we will never feel satisfied and we will feel anxious that we won't have enough. We must live in the moment and enjoy what we have and quit comparing ourselves to other's situation. This is strictly a frame a mind, and not material. Once we let go of wanting more much more money may come, and that is fine, but it is not a problem because we are not seeking it out in a wanting/lustful way. We are simply accepting what our actions have brought us.

About the Author:

Cory Mitchell has two websites which deal with these issues. focuses on finding the life intended for you from a spiritual view. focuses on trading the markets and attaining an independent lifestyle.

You will have access to tons of free information or you can contact Cory directly via the sites. Cory would happy to help you out. All topics posted are open to discussion and questions.

Article Source:

Webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D Candidate

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