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Remeron Dosage: How much is too much? 


Remeron Dosage Overview: 

Remeron dosage Back Image - MIRTAZAPINEYour Remeron dosage should be taken with or without food, although it is preferable to take it in the evening before you go to bed.  Even if you begin to feel better (which may be within one to four weeks) you should continue taking your Remeron dosage as prescribed.   

If you are taking the Remeron Sol Tabs (which is an orally disintegrating form of this antidepressant medication), you need to make sure your hands are dry before removing the tablet from the blister pack and then immediately place the tablet on your tongue.  You should not attempt to split your Remeron dosage as it will fall apart quickly (melt away) with your saliva. 

If you miss your Remeron dosage... 

You should take your forgotten dosage as soon as possible if you remember it within a couple hours; otherwise you need to skip this dose.  You should never try to catch up your forgotten Remeron dosage. 

Storage instructions... 

You need to store this medication at room temperature in a tight, light resistant container. 


Recommended Remeron dosage: 


The usual starting Remeron dosage is 15 mg taken daily before going to sleep.  Depending upon your response to this antidepressant, your dosage may be increased to as much as 45 mg per day 


The safety and effectiveness of this antidepressant have not been adequately researched for children. 

Remeron overdosage: 

Any medication may be dangerous when taken inappropriately or in excess of the prescribed amount.  If you suspect an overdosage you should contact trained medical personnel immediately. 

Symptoms of Remeron overdosage include:

Drowsiness, impaired memory, mental confusion, and rapid heartbeat

Information from the PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs

Webpage and additional information by Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed  

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