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How to Save Marriage After an Affair

save marriageYou have been in love with your spouse and you thought that they were in love with you. That is until you have discovered that your husband or wife that you have cherished and loved, put their needs before yours, had children with them and adored for many years has cheated on you. Working out a plan on how to save marriage can be difficult after that.


This is a devastating blow for any marriage to endure and many people would not want to try to save a marriage, but for a few people, they still want to try even after something like this happens. These are the people who really have guts, you really have to give these brave souls credit. When something like this happens and you decide to try to make things work with your spouse after they have cheated on you there is quite a few hurdles that have to be overcome. You basically have to start over. This is just a couple of things that should be mentioned to those of you that want to start over with your spouse.  Are they trustworthy? This is most likely the most difficult thing that you will have to do is starting to learn to trust them again. Or, if you are the one that has cheated, you will have to work to get your spouse's trust back again. You can begin to build up the trust again by doing the small things and being very diligent. Try to always DO what you SAY you will do, being very honest with your spouse and always being on time for things. This will help.

Don't lie to your spouse, even if you think it is just a tiny white lie, that is how they start. If you catch yourself telling a lie or starting to, stop and ask yourself why. Are you scared that your spouse will be angry with the truth? Here are a few more pointers to consider:

Don't lie to your spouse (as stated above)

Be sure that you are saying what you honestly mean. COMMUNICATE!!

Don't be upset with your spouse if they want to know every little thing that you did that day, you have to accept that he or she will not trust you again over night. You will have to work on it.
Be sure that you try to phone your wife or husband every day, whether it be if one of you are out of town or if you are just at work. This will help to ease your spouse's mind.

Make sure that you are on time ALL THE TIME. This will help your spouse to realize that there is a marriage to save after all.

Be sure to ease your husband or wife's mind if they are feeling threatened or insecure about something.

Try to do something special for your spouse everyday. This will bring some of the romance back into your marriage and can often work to save a marriage.

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Mary R. Jones    How to Save Marriage  
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