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Reduce Stress and Lengthen Your Life 


Reduce stress for a healthier you: 

While the ability to reduce stress is not totally up to you, it is possible to have a healthy sense of control and confidence in your ability to influence the course and destiny of your life. You may help to reduce stress by shortening its duration or helping to avoid it as much as possible.  The following information will help you to reduce stress and possibly lengthen your life. 


(1)     Reduce stress at work.  Job strain is an important and a specific type of stress that occurs when a job requires high psychological demands while allowing for little control on the autonomy or discretion over tasks.  

Strategy #1 to reduce stress at work: Try to divide your workload up into more manageable tasks and be more proactive.  Schedule your most difficult tasks during your most productive hours.  You might try setting aside an hour or two in the morning and not take telephone calls, and use that time to handle difficult paperwork 

Strategy #2: If you're constantly racing to meet deadlines, you might try placing a.colored dot by one of the numbers on your clock in your office.  Whenever the clock shows that hour you might stop, and take some deep breaths in order to let the cumulative stress clear your mind and body.  If you work at a computer all day, you might take periodic breaks and give your mind and eyes a break looking into the corner of the room or out the window. 

(2)     Reduce stress at home. Time spent at home should be time for self-healing.  All too often however, although family members are close they continue to feel isolated and lonely because of the lack of positive interaction. 

Strategy #1 to reduce stress at home. Enhancing your family bonds is the number one strategy for reducing stress at home.  This will lead to a happier, healthier you.  You may find that you have to reduce external distractions by turning off the television or radio at least once a week and using that time for healthy conversation or for activity that the entire family can enjoy. 

Example: Visit the library...  Go to the park...  Take a walk.  You should schedule regular opportunities for your family to discuss things such as having a "family council".  There should be opportunities to discuss problems as well as to celebrate your family member’s achievements. 

These are only two areas that you may need to look at in order to reduce stress and have a healthier, happier life.  You'll also want to look at "stress and personal obligations" and "stress and your partner" as well as consider some “relaxation secrets” and “exercises to help you reduce stress”.

Adapted from The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets From the Editors of Bottom Line Publications 

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic  Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist   (Health and Geriatric Psychologist)

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