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Tips For Keeping Your Cool 

Author: Veronica Scott 

taking care of childrenTaking care of children is a stressful job that never really ends. Parents learn very quickly in those first crucial years that it truly is the hardest job in the world. Nothing can ever compare to being a parent. Dealing with children can become problematic and stressful. Whether you have one child or several, your stress level will reach outstanding levels. Knowing how to deal with this while keeping your temper in check is an acquired skill.

When you find yourself having that same argument with your child that you have already had many times before, walk away. There is no sense in dragging it on and on. Kids can be relentless and not know when to stop. Their sense of time is also much different which allows them to outlast parents quite often. Put an end to arguments by saying the final word on it and walking away. It is necessary to take a few minutes for yourself to take a few deep breaths and maintain your composure.


Do not hesitate to have your child leave the room and go for a time out when they will not listen. A time out is a way of indicating to children that their behaviour is not going to get them anything positive. It is often recommended that children have a time out that is related to their age. For example, a five year old would go for a five minute time out. Don't forgo time outs unless you have a better method that is sure to work.

If you threaten your children with some kind of punishment such as taking away a toy or game, be sure to follow through with it. Parents who threaten but never follow through are giving their children a ton of power over them and that's just not the way it should be. If you tell your child they will get a time out and they persist in their behaviour, off they go to their room. No amount of pleading or whining should make a difference in this.

Always take time for yourself. Too much time with your children can be negative. It's important for all of us to have time for ourselves. Go out and participate in your favourite hobbies or visit with friends. Adults need time with other adults so don't deny yourself of that. It makes you appreciate your family so much more after. Likewise, married couples need time together without the kids once in a while too. It's necessary for a healthy relationship.

Don't forget who the adult is. Kids have a way of figuring out very early on how to manipulate their parents. However, they are not the adult in the situation so when they are trying your patience, remember that. It's up to you to keep control of the situation. Keeping your cool can be difficult but it must be done. Stay calm and cool when the kids are making you crazy and you'll find the outcome is much more positive.

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