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11 Top Tips to Reduce Your Commuting Stress 

By: Jason Johns 

reducing stressOver the last thirty years the daily commute has increased from maybe a mile at most to over thirty miles, with some people traveling as much as a hundred miles just to go to their job.

With the rise of decentralized communities, parents driving children to school, and the demise of public transport, traffic levels have risen and commuting has turned from a relatively pleasant experience to a potentially life threatening journey from hell.

In my regular commute (ninety five miles each way) I know that at least once a day someone on the road will do their best to kill me. If I am fortunate enough they miss, then I know at least once a week my ninety five mile journey will take me over five hours due to accidents, the weather, tractors or the phase of the moon.


Commuting is stressful. I know it is and any of you who travel any distance to work know it is. Whether you choose public transport or to drive it will get stressful.

Whilst there is no cure for commuting stress, you can minimize and prepare for the day.

1 - Be Prepared

Being prepared for your journey is an excellent stress reducer. This means take some food with you, something to drink, some music or audio books and even a real book! This means that if you do get stuck you are prepared and can enjoy yourself rather than getting frustrated like everyone else.

2 - Timing

The timing of your journey is critical. I discovered during one commute that leaving my house just ten minutes early saved me a half hour of sitting in traffic. Experiment with new and alternative routes that may be quicker and avoid main roads.

3 - Working Hours

If you can, change your working hours so that you can avoid the daily jams. Can you work from 8 to 4 or 10 until 6? This will help you to avoid the traffic and will probably make you much more productive.

4 - Be Well Rested

There is nothing worse than driving in heavy traffic when tired. Not only are you risking your own life, but potentially you are risking other peoples too. Get plenty of sleep so that you are refreshed before you commute. If you travel on public transport then you may have the chance to catch up on your sleep then, though make sure you don't miss your stop!

Also, See 11 Top Tips to Reduce Your Commuting Stress Page #2 

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