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Tranxene dosages: Recommended Amounts


Tranxene dosage for adults 

tranxene medicationThe usual Tranxene dosage recommended on a daily basis is 30 milligrams divided into several smaller doses.  Your doctor may recommend as little as 15 mg for your recommended Tranxene dosage. Your physician may also increase the amount that you need to as much as 60 mg according to your individual needs. 

Tranxene may also be taken at bedtime in a single dose, with the usual starting dosage of 15 milligrams. Your doctor may continue to adjust it according to your individual needs. 

Tranxene also comes in a 22.5 mg tablet referred to as Tranxene-SD and Tranxene-SD Half Strength , which is 11.5 mg. taken once every 24 hours. Your physician may decide to switch you to this form of medication after you have been on Tranxene for several weeks. 

Tranxene dosage for older adults

The usual starting dose for elderly individuals is 7.5 to 15 mg daily. 


Acute alcohol withdrawal

Tranxene is sometimes used as a medication to relieve acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms in a multi-day format. When used for this purpose, your Tranxene dosage is usually increased over the first two days from 30mg. to 90 mg., and then reduced over the next two days to a lower dose, after which your doctor will then lower it to an even smaller dosage, and then will take you off the medication completely. 

Tranxene: When used with antiepileptic drugs

This medication is sometimes used in conjunction with antiepileptic drugs.  You should always follow the recommended amount to avoid drowsiness. 

Tranxene dosage for adults and children over the age of 12 years old: 

The usual starting Tranxene dosage is 7.5 milligrams taken three times per day.  Your physician may then increase the dosage by 7.5 mg per week to a maximum of 90 mg a day. 

Children 9 to 12 years Old

The initial Tranxene dosage is 7.5 mg taken twice a day, which may be increased by 7.5 mg a week to a maximum of 60 mg a day.  The safety and effectiveness of this medication for children under the age of 9 years old has not been established. 

Tranxene overdosage: 

Always take your Tranxene dosage as prescribed.  Any medication taken in excess of the recommended amount can have serious consequences.  If you believe you may have experienced an overdosage, you need to seek medical attention immediately. 

Symptoms of Tranxene overdosage have been known to include:

Coma, low blood pressure, sedation 

Tranxene Dosage Summary:

Your specific Tranxene dosage is a very important part of your effective treatment. While the amount of Tranxene has been well established for various disorders, only your physician can know for sure what your specific Tranxene dosage should be. 

Information adapted from The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic  Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist (Health and Geriatric Psychologist)  

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