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Tranxene: Your medication choice for anxiety? 


Generic Name: Clorazepate dipotassium 

Other Brand Names: Tranxene-SD, Tranxene-SD Half Strength 

What is Tranxene medication used for? 

tranxene medicationTranxene medication belongs to a class of drugs classified as benzodiazepines.  It is usually used for the short term relief of anxiety symptoms and for assistance with anxiety disorders. It is sometimes used for the acute withdrawal from alcohol.  Convulsive disorders such as epilepsy are also sometimes treated with Tranxene medication. 

Tranxene medication: What else do I need to know? 

This anti-anxiety drug may be habit-forming if taken over a long period of time.  Also, you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you discontinue this medication too abruptly.  You should always contact your doctor before reducing, discontinuing or changing your dosage in any way. 


Tranxene medication: When should this medication not be prescribed? 

If you’ve ever shown any sensitivity to Tranxene, or any similar medications you should not continue taking this anxiety drug.  You should always let your doctor know of any negative reactions you have had to this medication. 

It is recommended that you do not take this medication if you have ever had a condition referred to as acute narrow-angle glaucoma. 

Everyday stress and anxiety does not usually require the use of Tranxene medication.  You should always discuss your anxiety related symptoms with your physician. 

Finally, it is not recommended that you treat depression and other serious psychological conditions with Tranxene medication.

Information adapted from The PDR Family Guide Guide to Prescription Drugs

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic  Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist  (Health and Geriatric Psychologist)  

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