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What are some of the special concerns about this anti anxiety medication?


pictures of tranxeneTranxene has been known to make you drowsy or less alert than normal.  Obviously, you should not drive, operate heavy machinery or participate in any other hazardous activity that requires your full attention until you are certain of how Tranxene will affect you.


If you're being treated for anxiety associated with depression, your doctor may want to start you on a low dose of this medication.  You should never increase your dosage until you have consulted with your physician.


The elderly or individuals in more frail conditions may become less steady on their feet or may become oversedated while taking this medication. 


Everyday stress and anxiety does not usually require treatment with a strong drug such as Tranxene.  You should always discuss your symptoms thoroughly with your physician prior to taking this medication.  Tranxene should also not be taken for serious mental conditions such as depression and other severe psychological disorders that it has not been recommended for.  You should also not take this medicine if you have had an eye condition known as acute narrow-angle glaucoma.




This medication is also known to interact badly with other medications and alcohol.  Because Tranxene slows down the central nervous system it may actually intensify the effects of alcohol.  It is recommended that you not drink alcohol while taking this medication.


Should I take Tranxene if I am pregnant and/or breast-feeding?


The effects of Tranxene have not been adequately studied during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.  It is not recommended that you take this medication while pregnant as there is increased risk of birth defects associated with this class of drugs.  Tranxene is also known to appear in breast milk therefore affecting a nursing infant.  If this medication is absolutely necessary to your health, your doctor may ask you to discontinue breast-feeding until your treatment with this medication has been completed.

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