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Treating Impotence: Help for the Man


Treating Impotence:

The various options for treating impotence have never been greater. Treating impotence requires information and guidance to make the right decisions, without spending money on useless, ineffective products. The basic options in treating impotence at the present time include the use of the little blue, miracle pill, Viagra and herbal viagra which is believed to provide a safer alternative to the prescription Viagra, penile implants and injections, vacuum devices, and products to enhance sexual desire such as testosterone boosters.


Viagra has proven to be nothing less than a miracle for treating impotence for many men and for couples throughout the entire world. Viagra has provided the answer to treating impotence in over 80% of the cases of male sexual dysfunction, by increasing the blood flow to the penis, which during sexual intercourse increases the body’s ability to maintain an erection. While it has not been FDA approved at the present time, viagra for women has had some promising results in research, and is continuing to be studied as means for improving female sexual response to the clitoris.

Treating impotence with a natural alternative such as a herbal viagra is also an option. Because it lacks the side effects which may be occasionally associated with prescription Viagra, it is considered a safe and effective alternative for many individuals. There are also herbal Viagras which are described as a natural, safe and effective, alternative to prescription medication.

Penile implants and prosthesis are also available in treating impotence. However, due to the complicated medical nature of these options, we would prefer to refer you to your physician or trusted medical personnel for such information.

Vacuum devices are also viable options for treating impotence. These devices involve placing a plastic cylinder around the penis which applies negative pressure causing the penis to become rigid. A rubber ring traps the blood in the penis which causes it to become rigid for periods of up to 30 minutes. They’re manufactured by a number of companies and are available at several levels of sophistication from manual to battery-operated. These devices are reusable and have very high satisfaction rates.

Finally, testosterone boosters may be used to effectively increase the level of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone boosters have been found to be very safe and effective for many individuals. Testosterone improves sexual performance and enhances sex drive, increases energy, improves mood and memory, lowers cholesterol, protects against heart disease and builds lean muscle.  Testosterone boosters may be used by themselves, or in conjunction with prescription or herbal Viagra to supercharge your sex life.

By Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist  

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