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Viagra for Woman: Fact or Fiction?


viagra for womanViagra for woman may provide some of the same benefits men have shared as it has quickly become the most effective solution to male impotence. Viagra for woman has been compared to a placebo in several studies and has been found to enhance the sex lives of some women including providing better arousal, lubrication and orgasm. Laura Berman director of the Berman Center and professor of OB- GYN and psychiatry at Northwestern University in Chicago and Dr. Jennifer Berman, director the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles reported preliminary results on the use of viagra for woman. “In terms of ability to achieve orgasm, there was a statistically significant movement”. Laura Berman went on to say on ABC News’ Good Morning America “It increases blood flow to the genital area, and increases the sensation of warmth“.


Viagra for woman: Preliminary research

Research on the use of viagra for woman has been promising but inconclusive. Viagra works for men and women in the same way, by increasing the blood flow to the genitals. Women and men alike, need a healthy blood flow to the genitals to achieve sexual arousal. Viagra for woman has also been studied by Pfizer researcher Dr. Irwin Goldstein and his colleagues at Boston University Medical Center who have prescribed Viagra to some 50 female patients. He stated “It has shown evidence of enhanced lubrication, less pain, more arousal, less problems with orgasm,”. Arthur L. Bennett M.D. has examined the rationale for using viagra for woman. He states “female impotence” is the inability to achieve clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication, both of which rely upon blood coming to the vaginal area. He hypothesizes that when women are unable to achieve orgasm or suffer from vaginal dryness, it may also be due to poor blood flow. He considered that the symptoms may be due to heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol, poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, high blood pressure medications and ulcer remedies.

Viagra for woman with physical symptoms?

Female sexual dysfunction may include female sexual arousal disorder, female orgasmic disorder, vaginismus and inhibited sexual desire. Female sexual arousal disorder is the inhibition of the arousal ability of the woman’s sexual response. Female orgasmic disorder is the impairment of the orgasmic component of the female sexual response. Vaginismus is when there is recurrent or persistent involuntary spasm of the musculature of the outer third of the vagina that interferes with sexual intercourse. Inhibited sexual desire is not technically a sexual dysfunction, but is a persistent, pervasive inhibition of sexual desire frequently caused by chronic physical disease, hormone deficiencies, depression, stress, relationship problems, alcoholism or kidney failure.

In summary Viagra and Viagra-like drugs have been found to help some women who reported difficulties such as lubrication (blood flow to the female genitals increases lubrication), but has not conclusively been found have an effect on many other forms of female sexual dysfunction.

By Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist  Ph.D Candidate                                  

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