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Xanax Information - Use and Indications:

xanax ALPRAZOLAMAnecdotal Xanax information and clinical research continue to confirm that Xanax has quickly become one of the marvels of the pharmaceutical industry. Research literature and Xanax information available from clinical experience, have concluded that it is very powerful as well as a very safe medication. As with all medications from within the benzodiazepine drug classification, the major concerns about its use are usually related to the side effects upon discontinuation. It has been found to have significant efficacy in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, panic and depression.

Xanax information - Dosage and effects:

There usually are not any tests required prior to beginning or continuing treatment with Xanax. Dosages usually start at approximately 0.5 mg two or three times daily, and may be increased to a total of 4.0 mg per day. Like other benzodiazepines, Xanax offers some relief within an hour of taking the first pill. Usually after about a week of regular use, patients with generalized anxiety disorder frequently feel much better. Panic disorder patients also may start feeling better after the first week or so, but frequently may take two to four weeks to block future panic episodes. While it is a very powerful medication, it is also very short-acting, and most patients find that they have to take the drug several times a day. Usually after 8 to 12 hours patients may experience increased anxiety and withdrawal symptoms and may require another dose.


What if it does not work?

If Xanax does not work for patients with generalized anxiety disorder, the physician may need to reconsider the original diagnosis to determine its accuracy. For patients with panic disorder, approximately 20 % fail to respond to Xanax. Most are then switched to other medications for panic symptoms such as imipramine or Nardil. When Xanax is prescribed for patients with depression, other antidepressants are usually considered.

Xanax Information - Special Comments:

Because of its powerful effectiveness, Xanax has rapidly become the best-selling antianxiety drug. It is both powerful and safe, and in general, patients enjoy taking it and doctors rarely worry about its potential for harm. However, very powerful and short-acting medications like Xanax are usually the hardest to stop taking, having significant withdrawal effects upon discontinuation. Some people with generalized anxiety disorder may need to take Xanax for extended periods of time such as many months and even years. Patients with panic disorder usually stay on it for least six panic-free months. You need understand that this drug is medically safe, but is not always easy to stop taking. You then need to decide if you want to worry about future withdrawal problems which are uncomfortable, but not usually dangerous.

By Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist 

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