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Xanax Side Effects You Need to Know About 


Xanax side effects of this anti anxiety medicine: 

xanax ALPRAZOLAMXanax side effects cannot be anticipated.  However, if any Xanax side effects develop or change in intensity you need to contact your doctor immediately.  Only your doctor can decide if it is still safe to continue taking this anti anxiety medicine.  Your doctor also needs to continually reassess whether you need to continue taking this medicine. 

Most of the Xanax side effects are seen at the beginning of treatment with this anti anxiety medicine and usually disappear as you continue the drug.  However, if the dosage is increased, anxiety side effects are more likely to occur. 

The most common Xanax side effects may include: 

Abdominal discomfort, abnormal involuntary movement, agitation, allergies, anxiety, blurred vision, chest pain, confusion, constipation, decreased or increased sex drive, depression, diarrhea, difficult urination, dream abnormalities, drowsiness, dry mouth, fainting, fatigue, fluid retention, headache, hyperventilation (too frequent or to deep breathing), inability to fall asleep, increase or decrease in appetite, increased or decreased salivation, impaired memory, irritability, lack of coordination, light-headedness, low blood pressure, menstrual problems, muscular twitching, nausea and vomiting, nervousness, palpitations, rapid heart beat, rash, restlessness, ringing in the ears, sexual dysfunction, skin inflammation, speech difficulties, stiffness, stuffy nose, sweating, tiredness/sleepiness, tremors, upper respiratory infections, weakness, weight gain or loss 


Less common Xanax side effects may include: 

Abnormal muscle tone, concentration difficulties, decreased coordination, dizziness, double vision, fear, hallucinations, inability to control urination or bowel movements, infection, itching, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, muscle spasticity, rage, sedation, seizures, sleep disturbances, slurred speech, stimulation, talkativeness, taste alterations, temporary memory loss, tingling or pins and needles, uninhibited behavior, urine retention, warm feeling, weakness in muscle and bone, weight gain or loss, yellow eyes and skin 

Xanax side effects due to decrease or withdrawal:

Blurred vision, decreased concentration, decreased mental clarity, diarrhea, heightened awareness of noise or bright lights, sense of smell, loss of appetite, loss of weight, muscle cramps, seizures, tingling sensation, twitching

Information provided by The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs - Sixth Edition

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Additional information By Paul Susic Ph.D Licensed Psychologist  

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